What to Put in Your Purse Emergency Kit and the Story of Ripped Pants

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on September 25, 2017

Disclaimer: If you don’t want to read about things like the importance of good underwear and a pack of Midol, then go ahead and skip this post.

From my days working in the great city of Washington, D.C., I very quickly learned the importance of having a killer purse emergency kit. One too many times I would trek into Union Station to find pain reliever and other small necessity items during my lunch break. It was in one of those moments that I decided that something needed to change. Days later, a purse emergency kit became a staple in my work tote.

Why is this important for busy women?
My commute to my internship near Capitol Hill involved a bus and two metro trains for a combined one-hour journey most mornings. If I forgot something, I never had time to run back to my place to retrieve the needed item. Most busy women and mothers don’t have time to turn back if you forget something. I thanked myself a million times over once I started carrying an emergency kit with me. Since this small item has made such a positive impact in my life, I’d like to share how I built my kit with my fellow readers.

Emergency kits are perfect for work totes, larger purses, and even diaper bags. Ladies, you could have on the most killer outfit one day but an unexpected splash of from your latte on white trousers will have you wishing that there was a tide pen handy. Here is what I pack in my purse emergency kit:

  • A pair of clean underwear – You never know what life will throw at you! Mother nature, a late night out at the bar, etc. It’s always best to have a clean pair of underwear on you at all times. I was recently introduced to the amazingness of the BootayBag subscription service for underwear. This is a monthly subscription service that will send adorable underwear to your doorstep for only $12 / month. Pulling out one of their beautiful pairs from your dresser drawer or your emergency kit gives an immediate boost of confidence. A subscription service like this solves two major problems for me:

(1) Spending gas money and time traveling to a local lingerie store at the mall. Only to get there, wade through the crowds and then wait in line to checkout behind a bunch of indecisive teenagers.
(2) Replacing my worn “grandma”-ish panties in an affordable, luxurious way.

Pack a cute pair in your kit, you won’t regret it!

  • Deodorant – Running errands around town in the heat of summer doesn’t leave a girl smelling like roses and daisies. Throw a cute travel size deodorant in your kit to avoid this situation. My personal favorite is this one from Lavanilla. Bonus: It’s natural and pure!
  • Pain reliever – For that time of the month or the days when you’re just not feeling too hot, grab some basic pain reliever at your local pharmacy and add it to your kit! Your achy self will thank you later.
  • Bandaids –

    This one actually has a funny story behind it. Two days after starting my big girl job on a presidential campaign in Washington, I woke up late one morning and was rushing to work. I walked out of my house and my heart dropped as I saw the last bus pulling up to my stop which I happened to be 300 yds away from. I ran as fast as I could towards the bus and in true ladylike fashion: tripped over a root in the sidewalk and simultaneously spilled my lunch and ripped my pants. I was mortified at the time and although I still managed to make the bus, I looked like I had just played recreational rugby in dress clothes. It’s a funny memory now. This incident forced to me send a text to my new boss informing her that I would be late because I had tripped over myself and had to stop into CVS for band-aids, etc.

    Note to self: Pack band-aids in the kit.

  • An extra phone charger – We live in the digital age and I think we all know the horrifying feeling of…a dying iPhone! Pack one of these in your kit and you won’t feel the need to bug your friends for time on their charger.

  • Tampons – I shouldn’t have to explain why this is important because having these in your kit will never fail you.
  • Tide pen – Happen to stumble down an escalator with your coffee while wearing khaki pants? Use a tide pen. Spill some red wine on yourself during happy hour? Use a tide pen. This is a must for any woman’s kit!
  • Small hairbrush, bobby pins and ties – So maybe you have perfect rapunzel-like hair and don’t need this in your kit, but for the rest of us a travel size hair brush can go a long ways for easy touch-ups. Linked here are two of my favorites: one travel size and one luxe regular size. No brush? Pull that hair up into a quick pony or bun or pin it to the side. 
  • Chapstick & Red Lipstick – I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve been thankful to have chapstick on hand during the winter months. Lately, I’m loving the Sun Bum brand and Burt’s Bees. As for the red lipstick, you may have to an unexpected work event or happy hour at the end of the day. A red lip can glam up any outfit! Here is one of my favorite colors.

  • Hair oil – This goes hand-in-hand with the hairbrush. After a long day, your hair may be dry, lifeless and frizzy – carrying some anti-frizz oil to touch up your ends can be a lifesaver. Here is one that I am loving lately. Pro tip: Don’t have hair oil? Use light dabs of your chapstick to smooth over flyaways.

Optional items:

– Toothbrush and toothpaste – Sometimes after a late night at the office in the city, I would crash on my coworker’s couch instead of making my hour commute home. Having a toothbrush and toothpaste comes in handy for those occasions.

A perfume sample – All those cute little perfume samples that you get from Sephora for using your beauty points?  Yeah, toss those in your kit for backup on a day when you forgot to spritz it on in the morning. Here are two of my favorite perfume scents: Aquolina Pink Sugar and Juliette has a Gun.  

Travel Lotion – Sometimes you’re running out the door and simply forget to put on lotion, no worries here just pop this your kit and you’ll have moisturized skin in no time.

– A pair of clean socks – I’m a sucker for adorable socks. If you do end up crashing on your friend’s couch one night – a clean pair of socks the next morning will have you feeling good as new! Here are some cute pairs that I found here and here

Don’t have a cute emergency kit bag on hand? A Ziploc bag will do in a pinch! If you’re more serious about building your kit, I recommend the adorable options found below in my scroll bar. This one is luxury, but oh so cute!

I hope you’ve found some of these tips to be helpful! Every gal’s emergency kit differs on the situation. Whether it’s for a #girlboss working late nights in the city or a momma visiting the local zoo with her kiddos, your emergency kit will be a great asset to your purse! You can shop my picks easily below: 


Until Next Time.




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