Make Your Fall Wreath Halloween-Themed For Under $6

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on October 3, 2017

Hello, friends, we’re in October! Can you believe that? This is one of my favorite times of year as I’m sure every basic gal agrees with me. I’ve already found a new way to drink Pumpkin Spice drinks thanks to one of my fellow military spouse friends. Shoutout to Emily Hanisco!


Now onto the good stuff! To give you a bit of a background on this – you must first know that I really didn’t grow up celebrating Halloween. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it just wasn’t one of the recognized holidays in my family’s house. In fact, by the time I was fifteen years old I felt so deprived of all those years I didn’t go Trick or Treating that my best friend and I went Trick or Treating ourselves…at 15 years old. I remember being SO excited to go that Halloween and I’ll never forget all of the odd looks from parents as they opened their doors to see two teenagers standing there waiting for candy. Some of them refused us but we had a good laugh and created some awesome memories that night.

Flash forward to now. I’m married and have the awesome gift of being able to decorate my own house and create my own traditions. We live in a large neighborhood currently with a plethora of kids in the population, so I’m excited that we will have cute little Trick or Treaters this Fall!

My question came to: So how does one go about decorating for a holiday that you didn’t really embrace as a child?


After searching online and posting in groups, I came to the decision that I would have to look inside myself and use a little bit of Pinterest inspiration to bring my ideas to life. I decided to make my own version of a minimalist Halloween and hopefully add pieces throughout the year. I’ll be making another post about patio decor here soon. So where to start? My front door wreath.


Making My Wreath Halloween-Themed

I’m excited because I was able to transition my Fall wreath for as little as $8! This minimalist version may not be for everyone. If having two wreaths is your thing then by all means, do you sister. I figured this would be an easy way for me to cut down on bulk in my decorations box which will move across the country with us for years to come.

The best part about this? I can take all this stuff off after Halloween with minimal effort and still have my Fall wreath! 


I started by going to Dollar General and picking up supplies because let’s face it, DG is cheap and if something breaks – easy replacement! 


Halloween Wreath Supplies:

  • Fake Spider Web $1
  • Halloween Themed Ribbon $2
  • Glitter Spiders $2 
  • Fall Wreath* (I had one from the previous year)


Step 1: Grab Your Wreath

Sounds simple enough, but yes you’ll need your Fall wreath to make this happen. I got my wreath last year from good ol’ Walmart for $15. Here are similar ones priced under $24 from World Market here and here.

Step 2: Add the Ribbon

Weave your ribbon throughout your wreath and make sure to stuff it behind leaves so that it will stick. I chose a ribbon with hints of purple in it – because the purple color will stand out amongst the oranges and yellows on your Fall Wreath! If you want even more drama, go full purple with your ribbon! This one from is glitzy and cute. 

Step 3: Spread that Spider Web

Pull out your fake spider web and stretch it out all over the wreath. There really is no rhyme or reason for this one. In fact, the messier it looks, the better. Spider webs are messy after all.

P.S. I adjusted my web after taking this photo.


Step 4: Give your Spiders a Home

Add the spiders to the web and the wreath. These were super easy to pin all over my wreath. The ones that I picked up from Dollar General had a backing similar to something you find on a pair of earrings.

Step 5: Make it Your Own

Just because I made my wreath this way doesn’t mean that you have to stop here. Add to it and make it your own. I simply want to inspire people to branch out and use creative ways to decorate for Halloween if they’re stuck with minimal supplies.


Don’t have time to run to the store with your busy life? Shop some of my similar picks from the comfort of your home on here: 

Fall Wreath (Under $15)

Fake Spider Web (Under $3)

Purple Spider Ribbon (Over $10)

Halloween Striped Ribbon (Over $10)

Painted Spiders (Under $5)

These are priced for more than what I found at Dollar General to be transparent.


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