The Easiest Pinterest-Inspired Halloween Decoration EVER

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on October 17, 2017

Hello friends,

It feels like Fall in Florida today. The weather dropped into the 60s and out came the boots, sweaters and scarves! If you’re anything like me, maybe you are still putting those last minute touches on your holiday decor. So check out this incredibly easy DIY Halloween decor piece to place on your porch. I do not take credit for this idea because I saw it on Pinterest, but I think the rest of the world needs to be informed of this goodness.


1. Order some fake black ravens from If you have Prime they’ll get to you within 2 days! I bought two packs of these because I want to set up two trees with six birds on each. They were very reasonably priced.

2. Take your kids or your dog for a walk around the neighborhood and find some sticks! The sticks should be large and have enough branches to hold the birds.

Well maybe don’t take your dog because they will think the sticks are snacks. LOL

3. Secure the sticks by placing them in between miniature pumpkins or buy some fishing twine to tie to a secure object on your porch.


                My watchful dog keeping a close eye on those birds. (hehe)

4. Place the birds on the branches, wrapping the wire tightly around each branch to secure their placement.

Voila! You have your easy raven Halloween decoration.

Until Next Time.

– S

Click here to order from


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