Two Ways I’m Setting Realistic Fitness Goals in 2018

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on January 22, 2018

Goals. Goals. Goals.

When I sat down to write about my 2018 fitness goals, I knew that I wanted this year to be different. I wanted to stick with my goals and I wanted them to be as simple as possible. Here is what I came up with:


I know myself and I know that if I’m going to stick realistic fitness goals, I need to tailor them in a way that fits my lifestyle. My journey so far has already involved a few “wake up calls”. Example: When you overhear a Grandma bragging that she took more steps in a day than you. You’ll have to keep reading for the full story on that…

Getting Comfortable with Data via Fitness Tracking

My first goal was to become comfortable with the “D Word”….DATA. Yikes! It’s actually a scary word when it pops into my mind. I’m not the biggest fan of data and never have been. My creative mind naturally wants to shun numbers every chance that I get. Oh, the irony being married to a pilot whose job revolves around numbers.

I did come to a quick realization that “not loving data” will not suit me well in the professional world. I am slowly trying to teach myself that data is my friend and not my enemy. Fitness related data has been one of the first steps in my journey to embracing numbers. Fitness tracking has opened my world up to a whole new reality regarding my health and lifestyle.

With fitness tracking, I couldn’t lie to myself anymore about how many steps I was taking in a day or how many calories I was burning when it was all right there on my wrist. I’ll never forget sitting in our local Olive Garden eating dinner with my husband when I overheard a sweet, older woman exclaim, “I got my 10,000 steps today!” As she danced out the door, I glanced down at my wrist *in between breadstick bites* to see a number in the range of 5,000 steps staring back at me. That was my first night using a fitness tracker and that night was the exact wake-up call that I needed to make some active lifestyle changes.

5,000 steps wasn’t a pretty number to me at the time but it represented my reality and allowed me to benchmark my goals. When the numbers were staring back at me, I was 10 times more motivated to stay active throughout the day.

I’m currently using the Fitbit Ionic via Verizon Wireless for fitness tracking and I have fallen in love with this smartwatch. I never thought I’d be a smartwatch person, but this beauty has opened my eyes to everything I’ve been missing over the past few years. The Ionic is a fitness tracker, coach, and smartwatch all in one. I LOVE that this watch was designed with fitness in mind which cannot be said about some of its largest competitors. The fitness tracking has been extremely accurate and the Fitbit app is a breeze to use.   

Here are some of my favorite Ionic features:

– Fitbit Coach: There are preloaded, “coached” workouts on the Ionic that you can watch from your wrist. Examples:  A “10-minute abs session” or the “7-minute workout”. You can also download more workouts to the Ionic if you have an upgraded Fitbit Coach account.

Accuracy & Tracking:  I haven’t had any qualms about the numbers that the Ionic has tracked during my progress. I found them to be very accurate even during high-intensity sessions like running. You can customize your tracking for all types of workouts such as cycling, swimming, and weightlifting to name a few.

The Fitbit App: The app is incredibly user-friendly. It’s so EASY to navigate and gives me all of my daily fitness data with the click of a button.

– No Social Media Notifications: The Ionic does not come integrated with social media apps and I LOVE this about it! It allows me to focus more on my workout, rather than my phone. Only texts and call notifications will show up on my watch.

– The Starbucks App: Need I say more? This app is pre-loaded with the Ionic and honestly the only one that I really care about.  I think they designed this watch with me in mind because we all know I’m a Starbs addict for life. I love being able to pay for my lattes by simply scanning my wrist.

– Battery Life: I can use my Ionic for at least 3-4 days straight without worrying that the battery will die. Isn’t that amazing?!

– Music: You can download up to 300 hundred songs for your workouts and this watch pairs well with my wireless headphones.

– Waterproof: Olympian swimmers train with this watch in the pool so I know it’s safe for me to use throughout my day if an unexpected Florida rain shower pops up.

I highly recommend the Ionic if you’re looking at getting friendly with data to motivate your fitness goals in 2018. Viewing my fitness related data on a daily basis has not only made more motivated to stay active, but I now enjoy seeing the numbers because I know that I am improving.

Having Fun During Workouts

This goal almost seems too simple – Have Fun. In my collegiate years, I used to kill myself over workouts. Deadlifting 90 times in under 5 minutes cannot be healthy! What I failed to realize back then was that I wasn’t actually enjoying those workouts and as a result –  I never stuck with them later in life. I always had this notion in my head that workouts had to be painful. 

In 2018,  I want my physical activity to revolve around workouts that I ACTUALLY enjoy! That is exactly why I decided to try Beer Yoga at a new brewery in downtown Pensacola called Perfect Plain.

Perfect Plain is now offering Beer Yoga on Saturday mornings. For a small fee of $11, you can attend their yoga class and enjoy a brew afterward. My girlfriends and I jumped at this opportunity!

Here I am enjoying a signature Key Lime Cider after class commenced. Let’s hope the Fitbit didn’t count those calories. 😉

Killing myself over workouts will no longer be a thing for me in 2018. If I find that taking a spin class is more enjoyable than running 3 miles, then that is exactly what I’m going to do this year. There doesn’t have to be shame because you didn’t complete the most extreme workout on the block. I’m done with feeling shame and I’m going to be proud of myself for being active this year. Even if it’s just a walk around the neighborhood with Trigger.

So give yourself a break in 2018, have some fun and start tracking your fitness data! You might surprise yourself with the results.

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